The Power of Collaboration

Ready to break down the barriers to harmonious teamwork? The answers are closer to home than you might think!


Collaboration itself seems like an extremely broad topic. There is a lot to be debated about how to create the perfect “chemistry” between people in any environment – at home, in the office, or on the playing field. This blog allows you to understand how collaboration starts from within, and how you can take greater control of your relationships in any aspect of your life.

We’re not just talking about your team at work, but also in your personal life; helping you to see opportunity in previously unexplored places and provide a tested method to tackle conflicts in your life and still have your interests met. Effective collaboration provides you with unlimited opportunities to learn and continue growing in all aspect of life, and by the end of this blog, you’ll know why! We’re going to show you that while there are unique skills to master, the foundations for improving team performance lie a lot closer to home than you might think.


First, we’ll take an inward look at the way in which you approach problems and conflict, through four key areas: Mindset, Attitude, Behaviour and Trust. The three ‘zones’ below illustrate how each area forms your collaborative mindset, and identify where you currently stand on your journey:



The Red Zone is where the root of most barriers to collaboration occur, as it erodes the level of trust within your relationships. Having a mindset that revolves around the needs and interests of one party is no recipe for effective team performance. It’s important to consider how these traits impact the efforts of those around you.



The inhabitants of The Pink Zone are less aggressively pursuing their own self-interest, however a fear of change or consequence can leave you and your team with glue on your feet, unable to adapt and grow when needed.


Now we’re talking.

Those in the Green Zone maintain an awareness of the bigger picture, understanding the interests of other parties to formulate a plan that includes their interests, alongside those of others. Collaboration occurs naturally when you don’t take decisions personally and see the value in the strengths of others. This enables you to build an open relationship, allowing each party to listen and be heard.


No matter which zone applies to you, you’ve already taken a big step toward improving your own collaborative potential by identifying and accepting where you currently stand in these zones.

You may even be able to see how these traits have affected you at work or in a recent argument at home. Holding yourself accountable for these is one of the key skills that you have already begun improving.

In order to foster this new power, you have to want to collaborate. Train yourself into thinking in the Green Zone and therefore reduce your defensiveness to those around you. Becoming open and being aware of others’ motivations and concerns will no doubt improve your problem solving & negotiating ability, helping you to overcome issues far more effectively and cultivating a mutually beneficial environment between a boss, a colleague or a loved one.

As fully accredited trainers of Radical Collaboration, the team at Heyward Group are experts in helping you understand your behaviours and cultures. This puts you in a position of strength as a leader, providing you the knowledge & the tools in place to help your team reach their potential.

The first step is to take an inward look at how you naturally handle collaboration (which by reading this you already have!) so now you’re in a great position to give us a call and tell us what you need to make this vision a reality.