Alongside our people-power when dealing with workplace solutions, we also employ a range of proven methods to provide tangible insights for our clients. Combined with our mentoring, these tools allow you to dig deeper than ever before into how to take control of professional development.


Radical Collaboration provides the tools that will increase your skills in building collaborative relationships. Built across a range of models and in-depth psychological research, the skills in this programme are statistically proven to bring down barriers in negotiation and create a culture of openness among teams in your organisation. 89% of participants have reported increased effectiveness at managing conflict and resolving difference with a 70% reduction in “adversarial” relationships.

“As the world’s economies have become both more interdependent and more fragile, industry leaders are recognising that effective collaboration is not only necessary in order to thrive, it has become essential even to survive, because companies cannot compete externally if they ca’t first collaborate internally”

Jimm Tamm, President, RC Group



All members of the team at Heyward Group are licensed Harrison Coaches. Harrison Assessments revolve around four main components: talent acquisition and development, employee engagement and succession planning. It does not only aid with candidate pooling and selection, but also contributes to the minimising turnover by retaining top talent and building high performing teams. Harrison can be used while building teams or reinvigorating existing teams that might be facing challenges through a range of engagement tools which drill down to specific engagement factors for every individual in the team.



Like us at the Heyward Group, Softools aims to drive business process excellence. This zero-code web-based application platform implements client specific solutions which transform businesses by optimising operational efficiencies and increasing financial performance We can support you by building cost effective solutions to replace Excel-based spreadsheets with secure, integrated and fit for purpose tools, maximising business performance