We are proud to collaborate with an award winning range of partners in a diverse range of fields. These relationships enable us to provide a lasting impact to professionals at every stage of their career, from graduates to the most talented senior leaders ready to reach the top. We also have the tools to support you on digital transformation projects, enabling your team to focus on creating the most value for your business.


Heyward Group has collaborated with Acceler8 to produce world-class eLearning courses for our international clients, supporting change management. The team at Acceler8 design, create and deliver meaningful learning experiences. We are delighted to partner with a like-minded organisation whose expertise in creative design and engaging storytelling help to ensure that anything we create together has a lasting impact on the business.

“It’s great to be part of trusted partnership where the focus is always on the right outcome for the client. Collaboration is the key to successful business and Heyward are a joy to work alongside.”

Chris Scott, Learning Lead, Acceler8

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We are pleased to partner with a world leader in Hospitality business education such as Glion. Michael is a regular on the Roehampton Campus in London and has also collaborated on projects with Glion’s Swiss counterparts. Michael is well renowned for lecturing in Revenue Management, however demonstrates his diverse expertise covering a range of subjects including Digital Transformation, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour. Heyward Group has also offered career support and mentoring to over 50 students over the years as they look to take their first steps into the hospitality industry.



The team at Heyward Group has supported the Hospitality Professional Association (HOSPA) for eight years, helping hospitality’s Finance, IT, Marketing and Asset Management professionals develop their careers and network, as well as keeping up to date with industry trends and developments. Michael leads the education working group and has been the Chairman of the HOSPA revenue management committee and is a regular on the main stage at the annual conference, HOSPACE. In 2021 Heyward Group were appointed to manage all aspects of HOSPAs learning programmes.

“As a fellow hospitality professional, it is great to see Heyward Group collaborating with organisations across the industry looking to develop high performing teams. Across all their services, collaboration and transparency are key to success when it comes to optimising the performance of the business”.

Jane Pendlebury, CEO, HOSPA



Edwards & Finn are focused on the recruitment and the development of commercial leaders. They are far from your normal recruitment agency! Edwards & Finn partner with Heyward Group to create tailored development plans and workshops with the top universities and institutes in the world to ensure students secure their first desired job. Edwards & Finn aim to step away from the conventional, transactional way of recruiting and focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients and candidates. Edwards & Finn are here to do nothing more than improve lives through their market knowledge, vast connections, and genuine passion to drive positive change.



Mr.Highline is a digital agency based in London and operating worldwide. Their young & diverse team of 'Digital Natives' bring a fresh perspective in the industry, either through their social media management services or website design/development and innovative software solutions. It is they who have built this brand new image for Heyward Group from the ground up after collaboration with Hearts & Minds, and they continue to be by our sides every day to take care of our content and social media needs.

“We started our collaboration with Michael Heyward since the humble beginnings of his company, and it has been a pleasure witnessing their rapid growth with more members joining the team. We were honoured to support the relaunch of the company to Heyward Group, which has definitely been a milestone worth celebrating and a great example of their forward thinking approach."

Christalena Vraila, CEO & Co-Founder, Mr.Highline Ltd