Creating adaptable, progressive teams equipped to succeed

We have a proven track record in building high performing teams, as well as supporting teams which are expanding or evolving. Our recruitment tools support us to assess behavioural preferences and motivations along with engagement and retention factors. We can remove subjectivity and discrimination while predicting success with a high degree of accuracy, therefore reduce the cost of bad hires.

Engaged employees are those who wholeheartedly give discretionary effort to help your company succeed. Traditional tools only measure the engagement of the team as a whole and ignores the engagement factors for the individual, which is crucial for true engagement. Our consultative approach, along with the application of diagnostic tools, will put the individual back at the centre of the process and share responsibility of engagement equally between the manager and the employee.



Optimising profitable revenue, helping your business to thrive

Michael, our CEO and Founder has been at the forefront of revenue management since the early 2000’s, delivering strong marketing campaign results, turning around declining revenue performances, and consistently outperforming the market. Heyward Group have a critical understanding of the numbers but also an acute understanding of the soft skills required to effect changes in a commercial strategy.

We will bring a broad view to improving the top and bottom-line performance of your business by bringing an objective assessment of improvement opportunities. We ensure that decisions are based on reliable, timely information and can give a detailed diagnostic of things that might simply be getting in the way! Heyward Group continue to champion innovations that support advancement of commercial and revenue management.



Enhancing business performance in a people-first industry

Heyward Group comes with extensive experience in both hospitality and customer service operations. We are familiar with the pressures of work in both larger corporate and smaller independent environments. We are here to support you with any operational project however large or small. We can complete interim management projects both short and longer term. We are keen not just to fill a hole but deliver a lasting benefit.

We are very comfortable dealing with all areas and levels of the business. By collaborating with you, we will provide holistic solutions on a range of challenges. We can bring strategy and business planning to life through implementation and execution. Our operational expertise can support you with customer service and quality management, F&B and M&E operations, developing a proactive sales culture and much more!



Improving business processes, culture, and customer experience

Digital innovation is designed to set you apart from your competitors, yet 70% of digital transformations fail, in part due to not investing in the management of the human change required. We offer support to your teams by implementing digital transformation strategies that can be addressed by a tech solution. We will help you to design and implement a customised, agile solution to the challenges your people are facing.

We will be on hand throughout the project from conception, through to launch and aftercare. Savings made in time and people power help you to increase productivity and develop employee satisfaction, while enjoying greater transparency and control over decision making. When you combine technology with our approach to change management you can set your team up for success.


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